Helping hand enables Gordon to switch to professional role

Gordon standing next to his APM Employment Consultant Mel

Pictured (L to R): Gordon and his employment consultant Mel

  • Gordon had extensive work and life experience but struggled to secure employment.
  • Support from the Disability Employment Services program empowered him to achieve his goals.

Gordon approached his local APM Employment Services team in Brisbane for support to find sustainable employment.

He had extensive work and life experience, but was having trouble achieving his goals.

Employment consultant Mel worked with Gordon to establish his employment goals and a clear path towards them.

Mel and Gordon established some early employment goals to identify a suitable and sustainable role, something Gordon labelled as, “the rest of his life job”.

Mel helped Gordon build a professional resume and identify and describe his skills to employers.

Gordon has a hernia, which occurs when tissues or organs bulge through a weak point in the wall of the abdomen.

There are a several types of hernia, which can be painful and limit a person's mobility and strength.

Gordon’s health condition meant he was eligible for support through the Disability Employment Services program, delivered by APM.

Mel was eager to highlight Gordon’s transferrable skills and strengths whilst highlighting his work ethic.

Gordon felt that his age was his biggest barrier to employment, believing it would be difficult to secure employment that utilised his corporate skills.

Mel encouraged Gordon to keep his options open, and they applied for roles in a range of industries.

Gordon suggested he could capitalise on his other skills and forklift ticket to undertake warehouse work.

Using his newly developed resume, Mel put him forward for several positions and discussed the local industry opportunities.

Mel was able to secure two warehouse interview roles for Gordon, which he enthusiastically attended.

Whilst Gordon was interviewing for the two opportunities, Mel continued to put him forward for jobs that would showcase his professional skills.

Locating a role that would meet his interest in travel, Mel discussed the requirements and put Gordon forward for the role.

Gordon landed an interview with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for the position and was offered the job.

After Gordon began in his role with CTM, Mel stayed in contact to provide post placement support throughout the first six-months of employment.

She was able to access funding to provide Gordon with fuel vouchers for transport during this period.

Gordon states how much he loves his role, that management are fantastic, and he feels very comfortable asking questions when he needs to.

So far, Gordon says he has achieved better financial stability, has set up direct debiting for his bills, and now works full-time hours and feels independent in his employment.

He is well on his way to becoming a full consultant with CTM, who are a very supportive and helpful employer.

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