Luke puts his best foot forward towards career goals

  • After a life changing accident, Luke was ready to find employment, supported the team at APM Mackay
  • Worked multiple jobs to support his family and meet his benchmark hours

A serious motorcycle accident in 2017 was life-changing for the father-of-three

After several years of intense therapy, Luke walked into the Mackay office in October 2020 determined to locate employment.

Returning to work in an entry-level role, Luke has since surpassed this showing sheer determination to secure full-time employment in the industry he worked in prior to his accident.

In 2017 Luke had a serious motorbike accident which left him with a traumatic brain injury. Luke’s doctor did not think that he would survive the accident let alone ever work again.

However, after three years of extensive therapy, Luke walked into APM’s Mackay office in October 2020 eager to locate employment. He had the full support of his wife Mel, who attended most appointments with him.

After Luke completed the direct registration process, they got to work straight away.

Luke has been supported by several staff at the APM Mackay office – Simone, Mickaila and Taylah.

His first Employment Consultant Simone focused on helping Luke find an entry level role to show potential employers that despite his brain and physical injuries, Luke was motivated and eager to become a valuable employee.

During this time Luke displayed commitment and dedication to his work, which saw him move from meeting his benchmark eight-hours to consistently working above what was required and becoming reliable to pick up extra shifts.

Luke has two daughters from a previous marriage, and with Luke’s wife Mel pregnant with their first child, he made the decision to return to the mining industry.

He was searching for more secure hours, and as he undertook this work prior to his accident, he was eager to get back into it.

Luke’s new Employment Consultant Mickaila assisted him in writing a cover letter and updating his resume and he began applying for jobs.

After obtaining his Forklift Licence, Luke secured a full-time position working in a warehouse as a pick and packer.

Whilst he awaited the arrival of his child, he continued to work at Domino’s Pizza on the weekends until he handed in his resignation.

“I never doubted Luke’s determination and drive to support his family” Mickaila recalled.

In August 2021, Luke and Mel welcomed their little boy Myka into the world.

Luke continues to attend his physiotherapy appointments and is improving every day.

Mickaila can consistently check in with Luke through providing Ongoing Support at the Mackay office.

With the help of his current Employment Consultant Taylah, Luke continues to explore his employment options and find the right fit for him.

Taylah continues to have weekly meetings with Luke. They discuss his current job and make plans for further career progression, always keeping their eyes and ears open for greater opportunities.

In 2017, there was an article published in The Courier Mail which discusses Luke’s accident. Understanding the hurdles that Luke has overcome not only to survive and walk again, let alone locate and sustain employment is an inspiration to many.

Read all about Luke's journey in the Courier Mail article.

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