Mark builds his confidence on journey to success

Mark, in his work uniform at his workplace, looking straight down the camera smiling

  • Mark overcame a period of unemployment to find a role which accommodates his health
  • Since starting in his role, he has experienced lots of positive change in his life

​Mark’s employment success hasn’t just improved his life.

Since gaining employment, Mark’s son has been able to earn weekly pocket money for helping him with odd jobs around the house.

Mark approached APM Employment Services in mid-2021 for support to find work after experiencing long-term unemployment.

He had trouble finding and retaining work due to his arthritis, which means he lives with chronic pain and discomfort.

According to Arthritis Australia, arthritis is a condition which affects and can cause damage to the joints, usually resulting in pain, stiffness and swelling.

It can affect a person’s level of movement and range of motion, along with symptoms such as tiredness, weight loss or feeling unwell.

Through the Disability Employment Services program, Mark had a dedicated employment consultant who worked to understand his health and the barriers he experienced.

Mark’s employment consultant Jen, got to work with him straight away to find a role suitable for him.

Jen worked closely with Mark to build confidence and identify suitable industries for him to work in, which allowed him to manage his health.

One of Jen’s colleagues had recently spoken with an employer, who said he was looking for a great new employee.

Mark and his employer walking down a warehouse aisle

Jen’s colleague overheard one of her appointments with Mark and thought this opportunity could be ideal for him.

He spoke to them about it, then Jen and her colleague arranged an interview for Mark.

He was successful, and just four days later Mark began in his new role with Polyaire, in Perth’s southern suburbs.

The amount of walking in his role helps Mark manage his pain levels and maintain his mobility.

Since he has found this role, it has increased his confidence and has told staff in the Success office he has found a job for life.

Mark is so thankful for the change APM has helped him make, and the positive impacts the role continues to have in his life.

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