Micheal scores double success with employment

Participant Michael and employment consultant Matt in the stands of Optus Stadium

Pictured (L to R): Michael and his APM employment consultant Matt, at Optus Stadium

  • Avid sports fan Micheal achieves his dream job with support from APM.
  • He received support from the Disability Employment Services program and Hospitality Disability Network.

Micheal’s decision to make the move from Bunbury to Perth got him closer to his dream in more ways than one.

Even before he moved from Bunbury to the Midland area, he had been struggling to break out of long-term unemployment.

He lives with a limb difference he has had since birth, which created challenges in his search for ongoing employment.

At their initial appointment, APM employment consultant Matt chatted with Micheal about his hobbies, interests, and goals.

He soon discovered Micheal's deep passion for the footy, and his dream of working at Optus Stadium.

Matt confirmed Micheal would be eligible for further support from the Disability Employment Services program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

An avid AFL fan, Micheal dedicated his weekends to volunteering as an umpire for West Australian Football League (WAFL) games.

Matt quickly realised that Micheal's impact extended far beyond the footy field.

He was an active member of the community, volunteering as a referee for junior basketball games and actively participating in an Indigenous men's group.

Describing Micheal as a 'local legend' in Midland, Matt soon saw that Micheal could turn even a simple walk into an opportunity to talk to everyone.

Matt set to work on making Micheal’s employment aspirations become a reality.

He recognised that finding an employer who would be understanding of the limitations that came with his congenital limb difference would be essential to Micheal's long-term employment success.

Together, they crafted an impressive resume highlighting Micheal's skills and experiences.

Matt was able to connect Micheal with the Hospitality Disability Network (HDN), a platform that could facilitate an informal interview and assess his suitability for Optus Stadium.

To help him make the best impression, Micheal was able to access funding to purchase some smart new clothes for his meeting with HDN.

These efforts paid off and Micheal was put forward for a position with Optus Stadium.

Throughout the process, Matt worked with Micheal to help him meet Optus Stadium’s selection criteria as closely as possible.

Understanding that additional certifications could enhance Micheal's employability, he accessed further funding for Michael to obtain his RSA, COVID-19 safety and first aid certificates.

News soon arrived that Micheal had been offered a paid four-hour induction at Optus Stadium - he could feel his dreams coming to life.

Matt supported Micheal through the onboarding requirements and online inductions required prior to attending the on-site induction.

When the night of the induction arrived, a very nervous yet excited Micheal attended alongside Matt, who accompanied Micheal as his support person.

The very next day, Micheal received an email confirming the offer of employment and a formal start date of the following Saturday.

As the day of his first shift approached, Micheal was filled with a mix of nerves and excitement.

He had overcome tremendous obstacles and worked tirelessly to reach this point.

Grateful for Matt’s support, Micheal recently attended his appointment and advised that his first shift ran smoothly.

“Matt has been really supportive, and I would like to thank him for helping me get this opportunity" Micheal said.

Micheal has not only achieved his goal of securing employment but getting a role at his dream workplace - an achievement worthy of stadium applause!

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