Noah's winning walnut work trial

Noah smiles amongst walnut trees in new job

If you were to visit the team at Coaldale Walnuts you might notice how close the tight-knit employees are.

Until recently the multi-generational business had only hired family members to help grow, harvest and prepare their produce.

That was until they met Noah, a participant with APM Employment Services, who was set to achieve his goal of stable employment.

Noah lives with an acquired brain injury and reached out to the APM Sorrell team for support through the Disability Employment Services program.

The 22-year-old, who requires assistance from a support worker, had some experience as a farmhand but was unsure of what type of work would be best.

Working with his APM employment consultant Anna and support worker, Noah was able to arrange a meeting with business owner Sophie.

Sophie instantly saw potential in Noah who quickly took an interest in the family business and the work they did.

As part of Noah’s Disability Employment Services support, Anna was able to organise a two-week paid work trial at Coaldale Walnuts, along with wage subsidies to support the family business with their hiring costs.

The trial was a huge success and Noah impressed Sophie and the team enough to have a permanent job offer.

With support from APM, Noah was able to access funds for suitable work clothes.

The business also worked with APM to adjust their onsite training to better suit Noah and his abilities.

“Noah continues to engage with us on a weekly basis, and enthusiastically discusses his work and the range of skills he has learned, from tree management, food safety and handling, to packaging,” said employment consultant Anna.

Almost a year later Noah is still going strong as the first employee from outside the family to join business. In fact Sophie said the team very much consider Noah “part of their work family.”

Noah’s next employment goal is to grow his skills with support from APM and his employer for further education and training.

If you’re living with a disability, injury, or health condition, speak to your local APM Employment Services team about finding the right job for you.