Passion and employment align for Louise

  • Louise realised her passion and started on a whole new career path.
  • APM Employment Services helped her obtain her qualification while working.

Louise unexpectedly found a new career path.

After being referred to APM Employment Services, she was initially enrolled in a Certificate III in Retail.

Louise lives with an intellectual disability, and she received support for her studies and employment through the Disability Employment Services program.

When she had a couple of unsuccessful attempts to find ongoing employment in the retail industry, Louise began feeling uncertain.

So, Louise and her APM employment consultant Lisa began to brainstorm some suitable alternatives.

While they talked, Louise revealed she was living with and caring for her two young nephews.

When she talked about them, her nurturing nature and passion for empowering children was quickly evident.

After getting the green light from Louise to begin reverse marketing, Lisa attended a local careers expo and connected with a representative from a local childcare centre.

Lisa was advised that the centre would gladly make a position available for Louise if she enrolled in the relevant industry training.

With agreement from Louise, Lisa supported her to enrol in Certificate III in Early Childhood Education.

Lisa helped Louise organise all the pre-employment documentation and paperwork.

She organised a replacement birth certificate for Louise so her identity checks could be completed.

Lisa was able to offer the employer a wage subsidy and arranged a part-time childcare position once Louise’s enrolment had been finalised.

In addition, the team at APM Port Macquarie have utilised Louise’s Employment Fund to purchase interview clothing, comfortable shoes and a diary to record her work hours.

Louise is now working towards obtaining her qualification whilst working eight hours per week.

Her daily duties include washing, setting up the rooms, organising art and craft materials and cleaning up after the children.

Louise reports that she loves her job because she is constantly surrounded by kids.

She can’t help but smile as she watches them learn and grow.

Louise is incredibly grateful for the guidance she has received in discovering her passion for working with children.

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