Samuel strides forward with help from Employable Me

Samuale standing in front of two large laundry chutes at work, he is enthusiastically smiling

  • After struggling to find employment, Samuel found his ideal role through Employable Me
  • Samuel has become a well-loved employee of Southern Pacific Laundry

It’s special to see when a job seeker and an employer really ‘click’.

Which is exactly what employment consultant Isabella saw when Samuel met his supervisor at Southern Pacific Laundry (SPL).

It is a huge personal success for Samuel, who lives with an intellectual disability and had previously struggled to find sustainable employment.

The journey to change

Samuel was initially referred to APM Employment Services in Gosnells, in the eastern suburbs of Perth.

He began his job search through the Disability Employment Services program, which helps job seekers living with injury, illness or disability find sustainable employment.

After his initial job placement wasn’t quite the right fit, Isabella recommended that he apply for a job as a Laundry Assistant that was listed on Employable Me.

Employable Me is a recruitment platform from APM which helps job seekers to find employment more simply and quickly.

Employers can also use the Employable Me platform to build a more diverse and inclusive business.

Isabella assisted Samuel to apply for the job posted on the Employable Me site, as he was not confident using technology.

Samuel was immediately offered an interview at SPL and he and Isabella attended the interview together.

He was offered and accepted the role of laundry assistant at SPL.

“Samuel is such an enthusiastic and sociable guy who really just needed someone to give him a proper chance” Employment Consultant Isabella said.

“Samuel was so excited when we got there. He thought all the machinery was so interesting, loved the idea of the job, and he immediately clicked with the supervisor there, with friendly banter from the get-go.”

On his first day, Samuel gave well over 100%, exceeding everyone’s expectations by achieving over 130% on the productivity monitor at work.

According to his supervisor, this was a record for someone to do so well on their first shift.

The right fit

“Samuel told me he loves work so much that it doesn’t even feel like work. He gets along so well with all his work mates and turns every task into a fun game” Isabella said.

Having used Employable Me to secure employment for Samuel, Isabella said that the recruitment portal is a fantastic resource to find local vacancies with supportive employers.

Isabella speaks to Samuel almost daily to hear about his day and help diffuse frustrations or explain any misunderstandings.

“Samuel comes into the APM office most mornings before work to tell us what his productivity score was at work the day before and tell us about all the funny jokes that he and his supervisor have together.”

APM supports Samuel by seeing him multiple times a week to debrief his time at work, stay connected with him, and ensure he keeps making progress.

Additionally, APM helped Samuel acquire personal protective equipment (PPE), his uniform and assistance with buying lunches.

APM also provide post-placement support for his employer SPL, to ensure Samuel is supported at work.

Working towards his goals

Isabella reported that she had recently spoken to Samuel’s supervisor, he said they all love Samuel, and he is fitting in brilliantly.

Employment is helping Samuel work towards one of his long-term goals of buying a car.

After receiving his first pay check from SPL, Isabella recalls Samuel calling her and excitedly telling her how he had been able to put money in his savings account for the first time.

Samuel’s journey has been a special one, not just for Isabella, but the whole team at APM Gosnells.

"We are all so excited to see Samuel continue to thrive” Isabella said.

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