Simon works towards the best version of himself

  • Simon contacted APM Employment Services in 2021, seeking a better life.
  • APM helped Simon return to the workforce, driven to further his career.

Simon wanted to find a role where he could use his experiences to help others.

During his long-term struggle with substance use disorder, he also experienced having no fixed address, which caused great strain on his mental health.

He knew what it was like to feel hopeless and uncertain about the future and wanted to rebuild his self-worth and capabilities.

He reached out to the APM Employment Services team in Colac, in southwest Victoria, in mid-2021.

Simon requested a transfer from his then-current employment service provider.

After completing the transfer agreement, Simon attended his first appointment the next week.

Simon came to APM hopeful and driven for a better life for himself.

He discussed his desire to find a role where he could help others, after a period of unemployment.

He was able to access support to return to employment through the Disability Employment Services program delivered by APM.

The team helped Simon to update his resume, apply for jobs and refresh job interview and customer service skills with him.

With this support, he successfully returned to work with a role in retail.

Knowing he had his foot in the door, he was able to make gradual progress towards his long-term goal with regular employment and stable income.

Over the next year, Simon and his employment consultant Paige began working steadily towards applying for a support worker role.

“I joined up with APM Employment Services and from that moment my life began to change, I felt seen and heard and that is so important” Simon recalled.

“Paige encouraged me to strive for things I never thought I was capable of.”

They began by completing paperwork required to replace his birth certificate and researching any study or training requirements that Simon might need.

Paige assisted him to complete paperwork for and obtain his Police and Working with Children checks, along with his NDIS worker screening and pre-employment checks.

She was able to access funding to purchase appropriate interview clothing and a fuel voucher to ensure he could attend interviews.

In late 2022 his efforts paid off and he successfully gained employment as a full-time disability support worker.

"To watch someone on a journey where their confidence grows, an idea blossoms into a career, seeing the positive impact and change that a job brings to a persons life is incredibly inspiring" Paige said.

This job has given him purpose and Simon was recently able to purchase himself a brand-new car, something he never thought he would achieve.

"Once Simon was pointed in the right direction, there has been no stopping him since. He should be very proud of his determination and work ethic" Paige said.

"Supporting Simon has been a joy and outcomes like this are why I love this job."

Employment has had deeply positive impact on Simon’s life, which is clear when he talks about his new role.

“Three months into my dream job, I'm the best version of me I've ever been” Simon said.

His partnership with Paige is what he says helped him to believe in himself again and see a brighter future for himself as something he could achieve.

“Believe me when I say people CAN change, I am living proof. So, so incredibly grateful” Simon added.

He has begun the next chapter of his journey and is helping people everyday thanks to his efforts and with support from the APM teams in Colac and Warrnambool.

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