Strategies help Michael stay on top at work

  • Michael found an accommodating role with help from the Disability Employment Services program
  • With some simple adjustments to help him at the end of his shift, Michael is thriving

Michael’s enthusiasm drives him to achieve his goals

When Employment Consultant Paula met Michael for the first time at the APM Innisfail (QLD) office, she recalls his drive:

“Michael had previously worked as a kitchen hand and wanted to return to the hospitality industry” she said.

“We set to work finding him a role locally straight away.”

Together, Paula and Michael made a list of places he wanted to work and visited them in person.

Paula suggested to Michael that he should write a list of six businesses in the town area that he would like to work at as a kitchen hand.

Together they decided upon a date and time to go and visit the businesses in person.

Michael’s only mode of transport was his bicycle, so they had to make sure his desired working locations were within riding distance.

“I was very impressed with how Michael presented and introduced himself to all the employer” Paula said.

“He confidently discussed his skills and how he works hard and efficiently in the kitchen.”

At the end of the day there were a couple of places that looked promising.

Michael’s enthusiasm to find work really inspired Paula.

He knew what he wanted to do, and had the right experience, but just needed some help through job hunting process.

Just under two weeks later, he came in and excitedly told Paula that he had been offered a position at The Great Flavour of India as a kitchen hand.

This was one of the businesses he had on his list - they were both proud of Michael’s hard work and achieving his goal.

APM purchased Michael a brand-new bike as his old one was needing several repairs. This ensured that he got to work with no issues.

After his first shift, Michael found there was a lot to remember, particularly at the end of the night.

Michael lives with an intellectual disability, together he and Paula have worked together to develop some strategies to help him stay on top of his tasks at work.

One of the first things they did was create a list of everything he needed to do each night.

Then, they had it laminated it so Michael could mark off each task after completing them.

To help him remember where all his equipment went, Paula suggested he take photos. This means he always had them to refer to.

Even after locating employment, Paula continues to support Michael, creating and implementing strategies to overcome any hurdles.

He has gone from strength to strength through the Disability Employment Services program, and regularly brings his NDIS Support Worker to his appointments.

Each time Michael checks in with Paula, he lets her know how much faster he is getting, and that the kitchen is looking sparkly clean.

Awesome work, Michael!

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