Success runs in the family for Matthew and Cody

Pictured (L to R): Cody, Angela, Matthew and Tracey.

  • Father and son Matthew and Cody approached APM separately, both eager to locate employment
  • Duo supported into new job through Disability Employment Services and Workforce Australia
  • APM team also helped prepare for new jobs with transport and equipment assistance

Father-son duo Matthew and Cody approached APM at different times, even working with separate employment consultants.

Even after going through different APM Employment Services programs, they ended up getting hired by the same employer.

It began when Matthew reached out to his local APM office in Kingaroy, which is a couple of hours north-east of Brisbane.

Matthew had worked as a sole trader for himself for the last year.

While this had given him regular work and enabled him to travel throughout New South Wales and Queensland, he was eager to work locally to spend more time with his family.

He engaged with the Disability Employment Services program and his employment consultant Tracey.

After getting to know Matthew and his skills, she submitted his resume to local sawmill contact MACS Milling Group.

The employer arranged to meet with Matthew just two days later.

Support from Workforce Australia

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Cody had also approached the APM Kingaroy team early last year and was referred to the Workforce Australia program.

Workforce Australia replaces the national jobactive program and is open to anyone who is unemployed and claiming income support payments.

APM Employment Services is one of the largest Workforce Australia providers selected by the Australian Government to help more unemployed people back into work.

When you join APM for Workforce Australia Services, you get a local employment consultant who knows the employers, businesses and job opportunities near you.

They will listen to you and get to understand the challenges you face in finding a good job.

Cody had employment history and work experience however he struggled to maintain long term employment.

At the beginning of his journey, Cody was apprehensive and was uncertain about applying for work.

His employment consultant Angela worked closely with him to build his confidence when it came to the job search.

Cody wanted to work locally and wanted to find an environment where he could see himself long term.

When Matthew heard the news that Tracey had arranged an interview for him with MACS Milling Group, he decided to bring Cody along too.

Both men walked out employed with a start date of the following Monday.

The employer was so impressed by both, they hired both father and son on the spot.

Tracey and Angela joined forces to ensure Matthew and Cody were ready to commence work.

They assisted of them to purchase personal protective equipment, workwear and helped them access fuel cards for transport.

Both Matthew and Cody are excited to be working again.

Working together gives them additional motivation to maintain their jobs.

They work together respectfully and are able to keep one another accountable.

The pair recently visited the Kingaroy office to discuss their success with the team, who are all very proud of them.

Injury, illness or disability and need a job?

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