New skills help Tanya overcome arthritis and depression

  • Tanya has worked hard to achieve her long-term career goals with support from the Disability Employment Services program
  • The support Tanya received from her employment consultant Joanne has changed her life

Catering assistant Tanya is a different person to the job seeker APM employment consultant Joanne first met in 2018.

When Tanya first approached APM Employment Services in Hornsby (NSW), she was struggling with low self-esteem and had not been successful in finding work that wouldn’t aggravate her pre-existing arthritis.

This had affected her mental health and she was living with depression.

Tanya joined APM for the Disability Employment Services program and worked with Joanne to quickly set some career goals including to gain new skills and accreditation to help find a good job.

APM helped Tanya to complete a Certificate III in Hospitality.

With regular support from Joanne on her progress with the course and job searching,

Tanya secured part-time employment as a catering assistant with Cater Care.

Joanne also arranged a wage subsidy with Tanya’s employer, and funds for to buy suitable workwear.

Tanya said she is proud to have achieved financial independence so she no longer requires Centrelink payments to make ends meet.

Plus, her role allows her to meet new people and give back to her local community.

Tanya has fast become a well-liked member of the team and a reliable employee, often working double shifts and covering for colleagues when they need it.

Tanya says the support from her employment consultant Joanne has changed her life forever.

“Joanne did not give up on me and supported me always,” Tanya said.

“This helped me out a lot with my depression, self-esteem and confidence.”

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