Using respect to ensure Tamar finds the perfect fit

Tamar successfully balanced chronic health issues and study to achieve her employment goals.

After in Australia in 2015 as a refugee, she struggled while experiencing a long period of unemployment.

Over the years, Tamar worked hard on learning and improving her English, while living with chronic health issues which regularly impacted her daily life. She eventually registered to complete a Certificate III in Childcare.

In July 2020 Tamar’s Employment Consultant Milica approached her to consider work experience in her field while studying.

With roles in Childcare in high demand, Milica was confident Tamar would secure a position quickly and started to look for positions for her.

“As soon as I met her, I knew Tamar’s skills and life experiences would make her a great fit for any workplace” Milica said.

Tamar was initially hesitant, within the last year of her studies felt unsure whether she could balance work whilst studying.

Milica explained that gaining employment within the study field could provide excellent work experience, helping her better prepare for when she did complete the course.

Tamar made the decision to not pursue work experience, prioritising managing her personal health and competently finishing her studies.

“I respected her decision and assured her that I would support her to find suitable childcare work when she finished her course. I stayed in touch with her until she was done” Milica said.

By the end of November Tamar had successfully completed her Certificate course and Milica started to prepare her for active job searching.

Whilst Tamar participated in APM’s TPEP workshop to pick up some essential soft skills required in the workplace, Milica searched the local directory for childcare centres that were within adequate travel distance for Tamar.

It didn’t take long for Tamar to secure a job interview at Step Ahead Child Care Centre. Milica negotiated work hours and offered a wage subsidy to secure a permanent part-time employment opportunity for Tamar.

Since starting in her role in January 2021 Tamar has already settled very well into her role, working hard to build the trust of the children she cares for at the centre.

“Completing my studies is something I am so proud of” Tamar said. “I love my work with children, and I can look after my health too.”

Her employer Kelly speaks highly of Tamar, sharing that she is “extremely caring and pleasant to work with.”

Tamar’s successful journey from study into employment is a testament to her hard work, and her partnership with Milica.

Tamar’s employment is a fantastic demonstration of Milica’s hard work and respectful approach when supporting and promoting her jobseekers to achieve their employment goals.

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