Opening Cottonmouth Records a dream come true

Located in the Inner Western Sydney suburb of Enmore, Cottonmouth Records is the perfect marriage of craft beer, whisky bar and a vinyl music store.

Through the day, the venue operates as a retail record store, selling new and remastered vinyl.

It boasts a massive collection of vinyl that adorns the walls and display crates. With an undercurrent of blues, funk, soul and jazz, the collection is varied and reflects owner Zach Williams’ deep appreciation for the New Orleans music scene.

At night, Cottonmouth transforms into a cosy dive bar with a rotating selection of small-batch beers on tap, and over 80 whisky varieties.

Visitors can enjoy great music and conversation in the main recycled timber bar, or for something more intimate, can venture into the back whisky room and enjoy the mixed vintage furnishings and mood lighting.

Opening Cottonmouth Records has been a dream for Zach for over the last three years.

It follows a passion for music he has held for most of his life.

“I started as a DJ when I was 16,” Zach said. “I’ve been collecting vinyl records since 1996. I’ve run my own record label where I’ve signed bands and put out music. I’ve always wanted to own my own bar that brings together great people with a shared love for music.”

After three years of careful planning, Zach contacted the New Business Assistance with NEIS program to help him bring his dream to life.

“Julian, my NEIS mentor has an amazing wealth of knowledge about setting up a business,” Zach said.

“There were a lot of things that I hadn’t even considered that Julian helped me take into account.

“He helped me to clearly define my business structure, and stuck with me through the whole process of setting up my business. He still keeps in contact and provides me with mentoring support when I need it.”

Zach said that it was the ease of the NEIS program that made a real difference.

“Julian provided me with mentoring when I needed it, and then stepped back to give me the freedom to control my own business.”

According to Zach, Cottonmouth has enjoyed some really good success since it has opened.

“We offer a unique experience where people can come in and browse our records and also enjoy a drink. It has been very appealing to our customers who have spread our name through word of mouth.”

Zach would love to expand and set up something similar in the future but for now is happy to keep meeting like-minded visitors.

Cottonmouth Records is open 12pm to Midnight, Tuesday – Sunday and is located at 182 Enmore Rd. Enmore NSW.

The NEIS program has been delivered by APM Employment Services since February 2020. It was previously delivered by Konekt Employment.

From 1 July 2022, Self-Employment Assistance replaced the NEIS program.