Scott has an eye in the sky

Scott's career reaches new heights with help from Lynette

When Scott presented at APM Nerang - about an hour south of Brisbane – Regional Manager Lynette Newsome set out to make a difference.

Scott found his way to APM Employment Services through the jobactive program.

Lynette set to work with Scott, ensuring he was in the correct program, and working on overcoming his barriers to employment.

“I felt I had a lot of complications related to gaining employment” Scott said.

“I previously had some negative experiences with other job agencies, however I have been very happy with APM.”

While getting to know him, Lynette discovered Scott had a passion for flying but was unable to become a pilot due to colour blindness. Understandably, this had affected Scott.

“I saw Scott had a few barriers, and I thought with some help we could get him into a role in the aviation industry – so I suggested some trainings, and from there it was all go!” Lynette said.

Scott had mentioned a business plan he had previously devised which incorporated his love of the air, Lynette took this and set to work to help his plan become reality.

“I had a business idea in the back of my head at the time mainly stemming from a love of flying from when I was younger as well as a love of technology” he recalls.

Together, they found a course for Drone Pilots. Lynette arranged for Scott to be enrolled in a Certificate III in Aviation, and gained the accommodations required for him to complete the course.

“APM helped me get it done” Scott said.

“I completed the online study during Queensland’s COVID-19 lockdowns, and then spent a week training in Brisbane with Aviation Australia and Remote Aviation. APM went above and beyond by getting me to the training, and my accommodation for my stay.”

Afterwards, Scott was then enrolled with the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

18 months since he walked through the doors at APM, Scott is now successfully running his own business - Skyhigh Drone Mapping and Photograph.

Something Scott describes as “(something that) would not have been possible without the assistance of my good friends at APM."

From 1 July 2022, Self-Employment Assistance replaced the NEIS program.

Get the best start in business

Access professional mentorship, accredited training through the Self-Employment Assistance program.

As part of Workforce Australia, Self-Employment Assistance provides more support to more people, more businesses in even more places across Australia.

Self-Employment Assistance can help you:

  • Workshop a business idea
  • Create a business plan and develop your business skills
  • Provide you with accredited training in small business*
  • Connect you with business coaching from experienced and local experts in a range of industries
  • Self-Employment Assistance participant in their plant business

Existing small business owners can also use Self-Employment Assistance to develop their business plan, access accredited training, undertake a business health check and access business advice sessions.

To find out more, visit or contact the SEA team at or on 1300 006 347.