Employment success sparks entrepreneurship for Rawad

Published on 01 May 2023

Rawad and Sherise

Pictured (L to R): Rawad and Sherise

  • With support from Workforce Australia, Rawad secured a car detailing job at Alpine Crash Repair.
  • Rawad is now planning to start his own detailing business with his newfound financial freedom

Employment in his industry of choice has sparked a vision of starting his own business for Rawad.

He was experiencing long-term unemployment when he decided to reach for support at his local APM in Modbury, located in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs.

During their initial appointment, APM employment consultant Sherise chatted with Rawad, getting to know his employment goals and prospects.

Rawad advised Sherise that he wanted to secure a job in car detailing and was determined to establish his own business in the future.

Accepting that Rawad had some initial apprehensions, Sherise took the time to build rapport with Rawad to understand his interests and motivations.

After a few conversations about Commodores and inspirational talks with Business Manager Matt, Rawad quickly altered his outlook.

Feeling more comfortable, he started actively engaging more with the support APM provide through the Workforce Australia program.

Sherise assisted Rawad to update his resume, which further fuelled his desire to gain employment.

Matt spotted the perfect internal vacancy for Rawad in a nearby suburb, a car detailing role at Alpine Crash Repair.

Rawad attended the interview with Alpine Crash Repair and got the job.

He was thrilled to start the following week.

As part of the post-placement support, Sherise assisted Rawad to access funding to purchase tools.

Sherise shared some of her positive outlook.

“My motto is that you must be rained on to be given the chance to grow and sometimes the ones we need to water a bit more, are the ones that blossom the most.”

Rawad expressed his gratitude for Sherise's support.

"I have been on Centrelink for eight or so years and now I have finally got a job."

Sherise's approach helped motivate Rawad in a way he hadn't felt before, which helped him get a job in his ideal industry.

"I want to thank her very much for her time and for the experiences that she have taught me along the way."

He has taken enthusiastically to his new role, quickly progressing into learning the crash repair side of the business.

Rawad attended his last appointment with Sherise to exit the Centrelink system as he had achieved his goal of financial independence.

He is looking forward to using his newfound financial freedom to rent his own shed and start his own detailing business.

What is Workforce Australia?

Workforce Australia replaces the national jobactive program and is open to anyone who is unemployed and claiming income support payments.

There are several support programs delivered by Workforce Australia providers in regions across the country.

If you can self-manage your job search, a new website has been launched to assist you in finding employment and reporting your mutual obligations.

If you require more support, or want in-person assistance, you can ask to join a Workforce Australia provider such as APM Employment Services.

This enhanced support is called Workforce Australia Services and includes one on one assistance with a dedicated employment consultant.

They will meet with you regularly and help you get job-ready, access relevant skills training and help you meet potential employers looking to hire local people.

APM and Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia may be new - but we’ve been helping people find and stay in work for more than 25 years.

APM Employment Services is one of the largest Workforce Australia providers selected by the Australian Government to help more unemployed people back into work.

We have a strong track record of helping people get where they want to be – not just by helping job seekers get hired, but by supporting them into lasting and long-term employment.

You'll be supported by an experienced team with connections to local and national employers from more than 500 locations across Australia.

With APM you get the support, you get the skills, you get the job.

If you have any questions about Workforce Australia Services, call our support team on 1800 276 932 (1800 APM WFA) or speak to your APM Employment Consultant.