Oleksandr is flying high in his dream job

Published on 24 Oct 2023

Oleksandr at work

Oleksandr has worked his way up to be where he is today – quite literally.

He arrived in Australia from Ukraine on a Temporary Protection Visa with his family.

As his family’s primary income earner, he was keen to work so he could create a more secure life for himself, his wife and daughter.

He sought support from APM Cheltenham, south of Melbourne city to pursue his dream of high-rise window cleaning.

By his first appointment he was already working on overcoming the barrier his limited English skills presented, telling his employment consultant Thaleia he was undertaking a Certificate II in English as an Additional Language.

Oleksandr was eligible for support through the Workforce Australia (WFA) program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

WFA has a dedicated program for people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds, so they can access support to find a job, prepare for work and access training or learning opportunities to progress to lasting employment.

One of the further challenges Oleksandr experienced was his existing experiences and licenses were not recognised in Australia.

It felt like he was back at square one, but Thaleia and the Cheltenham and Collingwood teams were ready to help how they could.

It’s not everyday a job seeker has a dream of cleaning windows of high-rise buildings, but Thaleia found that a Rope Access Training (IRATA) would help Oleksandr towards his goal.

As Oleksandr was about to complete his training, Thaleia started marketing Oleksandr to potential employers, showcasing his skills, determination, and dedication.

It took a few goes to find the right fit, and Thaleia knew she had when spoke with Graeme from Ascension Access.

Graeme was seeking a reliable, consistent employee with a strong work ethic.

Thaleia used the opportunity to highlight Oleksandr’s persistence and proactivity to find work since he arrived in Australia, and since they began working together.

She emphasised her confidence in him, and his determination to find his first job in Australia.

Graeme decided to give Oleksandr a chance, offering him a work trial.

Thaleia accessed funding so Oleksandr could purchase all the necessary equipment he needed in preparation for his first day.

After just four days, Graeme called Thaleia, expressing his gratitude for recommending Oleksandr.

He praised his work ethic to Thaleia and said he would be giving Oleksandr a pay increase when the trial period was complete.

Oleksandr and Thaleia stay in contact as part of the post-placement support, as he flies high in Melbourne’s skies.