Published on 16 May 2023

Shaylah and her employment consultant lincoln, pictured in front of the APM Bendigo office

  • 18-year-old Shaylah was supported through the Workforce Australia program.
  • She has gained much confidence and her own stable accommodation.

When Shaylah first visited APM’s Bendigo office, she was shy and timid but driven to find work.

She had finished her school journey in year eight and had never experienced steady, sustainable employment.

This was in part due to her anxiety and depression, which hindered her ability to find long-term employment.

She received support through the Workforce Australia program, delivered by APM.

Shaylah explained to her employment consultant Lincoln one of her goals was she wanted to secure stable housing for herself.

Lincoln looked over Shaylah's work experiences with her and made the effort to find out what she enjoyed or what skills she wanted to develop.

She had previously worked in a bakery and was keen to explore the industry further through a traineeship or apprenticeship.

So Lincoln looked into how he could assist her to get the right information and documentation for the courses they were looking at.

To assist Shaylah with job searching and mentoring, Lincoln helped her register for Westvic Staffing Solutions, APM’s Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) partner.

Westvic contacted the owner of the Eaglehawk Bakery, located 10 minutes north of Bendigo in Victoria.

When Westvic spoke with the owner Mandy, they advocated to Shaylah and Mandy agreed to give her an opportunity.

Mandy communicated regularly with both APM and Westvic to support Shaylah's journey.

The combined efforts of APM and Westvic ensured Shaylah could commence employment with a firm foundation of support.

“Shaylah had more strength and courage than she gave herself credit for, but with APM’s support we were able to make her shine” Lincoln said.

When Shaylah had been employed at Eaglehawk Bakery for some time, she was introduced to Westvic's hospitality mentor Jarrod, who offered her the chance to complete a 13-week hospitality program.

Shaylah jumped at the opportunity and was able to further enhance her hospitality and customer service skills.

Shaylah has recently achieved her 26-week milestone and is excelling in her role at Eaglehawk Bakery.

She now averages 30 hours per week and is aiming for full-time employment.

Lincoln and Shaylah keep in touch, with regular post-placement support appointments to ensure she continues to thrive.

Since she first walked in the door, Shaylah has come a long way.

Today, she has secured stable housing and has also joined a gym.

"APM helped me become a better me" Shaylah said.

She continues to learn a lot and enjoys making coffees and serving customers with a big smile on her face.

What is Workforce Australia?

Workforce Australia replaces the national jobactive program and is open to anyone who is unemployed and claiming income support payments.

There are several support programs delivered by Workforce Australia providers in regions across the country.

If you can self-manage your job search, a new website has been launched to assist you in finding employment and reporting your mutual obligations.

If you require more support, or want in-person assistance, you can ask to join a Workforce Australia provider such as APM Employment Services.

This enhanced support is called Workforce Australia Services and includes one on one assistance with a dedicated employment consultant.

They will meet with you regularly and help you get job-ready, access relevant skills training and help you meet potential employers looking to hire local people.

APM and Workforce Australia

Workforce Australia may be new - but we’ve been helping people find and stay in work for more than 25 years.

APM Employment Services is one of the largest Workforce Australia providers selected by the Australian Government to help more unemployed people back into work.

We have a strong track record of helping people get where they want to be – not just by helping job seekers get hired, but by supporting them into lasting and long-term employment.

You'll be supported by an experienced team with connections to local and national employers from more than 500 locations across Australia.

With APM you get the support, you get the skills, you get the job.

If you have any questions about Workforce Australia Services, call our support team on 1800 276 932 (1800 APM WFA) or speak to your APM Employment Consultant.


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