Lelani and Ross IES transcript

Lelani Zepata: So my name is Lelani Zapata. I'm 27 years old, and I am a PBT, also known as a phlebotomist. So having the support from Life Got Better and Ross has helped me tremendously in my life. When I first started with Ross, I feel like I was really stuck on my pride. I didn't know how to feel signing up for a program that can help me. So giving all this trust with them, and them coming, and going so hard for me, it just made me feel like I can always trust them and have them always as a support system.

Patrice Wright: When I met Miss Zapata, she was in a little quandary about what she wanted to do for her career. She was very much stuck in past retail experiences, and she really wanted to try something new, but she had a new baby. She didn't know if she could do it, and so I encouraged her to continue to pursue what she really wanted to do, and it was to get into healthcare.

Lelani Zepata: And in a part of my life where I was depressed, being a new mom, going through postpartum, and I was just kind of in a funk. So I feel like this program kind of uplifted me, as a mother, as a woman, as fiance, and it just brought life to me.

Marlon Hood II: Ross's experience with Life Got Better Staffing Services has been absolutely exceptional. It allows for us to create more opportunities for the community, which is what Ross does as well. Ross has not only changed lives when it comes to continuous support, emotional support, but just having someone you can call for advice, whether it's personal, or whether it's business. I think that's amazing here, and that goes a long way. I think that's really important, that continuous support, and not only that, but we're also dealing with humans, and Ross is extremely understanding at making sure people become successful.

Lelani Zepata: I just want to tell all women and all first-time mothers that it's okay to ask for help. Try not to be stuck in your current situation because your pride is too big. I would definitely recommend Ross. They've been lovely to me, and I hope that they can help you with your next steps in life.