Life at APM: Belinda pivoted her career from business development into Employment Services transcript

Belinda: I'm Belinda, and I'm an employment consultant. 

Before I joined APM, I had my own business as a makeup artist, and I had my own cosmetics label, and also I was a BDM in the transport industry. 

So I just call businesses, just talk to them, talk to them about what we do here at APM, and then I organise to go out and see them, and meet with them. They may have a role now for someone that I have, they may not, but I keep that relationship with them so that in the future when roles do come up, they remember me, and I just keep in contact with them. 

The fact that I could combine my marketing and sales skills, as well as helping people. I found that when I was in business development, it was more about just helping a business. I guess this is helping a business, but it's also helping other people, people with disabilities get back into employment, and that's really rewarding. 

Placing people in employment, and I do love marketing, I really love marketing. I thrive on it. And when I get people into employment that really want it, it just makes me feel amazing.