Life at APM: Mequita pivoted her career from customer service into Employment Services transcript

Mequita: My name is Mequita, and I'm an employment consultant. 

I worked as a customer service sales representative, and I also worked in the community, organizing community events. 

A typical day in my role is spending the morning touching base with my clients and seeing how they're doing, and then spending my afternoon, getting out and about and meeting with employers, and just getting out and marketing, and learning more about what's out there in the community. 

So one of the challenges I face in this role as an employment consultant is one day, you could be celebrating a win with your client, and the next day, you could be supporting them, or supporting a client with high depression and anxiety, so you've got to be flexible and adaptable in every situation. 

So the traits and skills you need to be as an employment consultant, you need to be driven, you need to be focused, and above all, you need to be resilient and also a leader. Your clients confide in you, they look up to you, so you got to lead by example. 

What I enjoy mostly about the role is meeting new people, and making a positive difference in the lives of others.