Life at APM: Natalie pivoted her career from payroll and leasing into Employment Services transcript

Natalie: So my name is Natalie, and I'm an employment consultant. 

So I was a commercial lease negotiator as well as payroll. 

So daily, we look for vacancies, we do a bit of cold calling, follow up on employers, give them a call, see if they've got any vacancies available. I do it around my immediate area, at this point. If there's nothing available, then we extend out the location. But yeah, we tend to do calling, or we'll go out and reach out to the employer and see if they've got any vacancies available as well. 

There are things like barriers that the client will come to you with, something like that, or not engaging with you when you are trying to find them employment. So that's something that you've got to work on and overcome. 

So my most memorable is one of my clients who had been unemployed for a number of months. I was able to reverse market her, and within 24 hours, she received an interview and obtained work. 

The satisfaction of a client obtaining work, and the excitement that they get out of that.