Lifecare Claremont's exercise class transcript

Anthony McEvoy: My name is Anthony McEvoy. I'm the practice principal at Lifecare Claremont.

We've been working with these ladies and gentlemen for 17 years now in terms of my role with Lifecare. It's a fantastic way to keep people moving, keep them socializing, working the environment with their friends and colleagues, and keeping their balance and their movement up.

We do a lot of balance work, a lot of strength work, a lot of coordination work, and just some good general movement for them. We also practice things like getting up from falls and just literally getting the heart rate up and getting them moving.

Marion Matthews: Name is Marion Matthews, and my age is 94. I'll be 95 in a couple of months. Yes, I've been coming longer than five years. Everything helps me. Exercises for your body because I'm old and my body needs it.

Kate: I must tell you that the weekly exercise, I wish I could come more regular. Well, the social aspect of the class, I find people very, very, very friendly and very welcoming.

Anthony McEvoy: The sense of community, actually providing something to the group and actually being involved in their lives weekly.

Marion Matthews: Yes, everyone's nice. We all talk to each other.

Kate: I must say that Anthony and Jess made me feel very welcome. They're very friendly and they really, really take care of the people that come here.

Anthony McEvoy: So this class has been a part of my life now for 17 years. I continue to do it because I feel like I'm giving back and I feel like I'm part of their lives and they're a part of mine.

Marion Matthews: Yes, I enjoy it and I love it.