Maria and Ingeus Spain transcript

Maria: My name is Maria and I am forty years old. I am a single mother, I have three minor children.

Helena: My name is Helena, I am a social worker and the program I work on is called the IMPULSA program.

Maria: Well, as a result of the pandemic we had the problem that we lost our work and, because of that hard time, the bank took me to court and I lost my house. The eviction came and that’s the moment when I met IMPULSA program. Finally, we managed to pay it and they made me a rent contract again. Then, once I signed the new contract Elena contacted me.

Helena: Since the first moment we had a very good connection, we created a two-way and close relationship.

Maria: Honestly, I have felt very confident with the process because it helps me with my morale. They are with me for my children, in the subsidies process to help me with my tax documents in whatever I need I can count on her. For any kind of problem, she is always available to help me

Helena: A light on the way, because obviously it is a situation that nobody wants. In her situation it feels really good that someone comes to give you emotional support and to help you with all the management and administration process.

Maria: Well, if I hadn’t got this help, I never would have been able to be at home with my children and the only solution was to leave home. I am starting again from scratch, but with a lot of help and reaching the goals thanks to the IMPULSA program and Ingeus. I would recommend the program to everyone and would tell them to not give up on the process, because they are very helpful.