Mark and Konekt Transcript

Mark: I’m Mark Tapper and I undertake all the Work Health and Safety training for Konekt here in Canberra.

I was injured in my role in the military, and I was doing a different sort of role. And then it just got too great. What I was required to do I just couldn’t handle. It put a lot of strain on family.

Hobbies-wise, I couldn’t ten pin bowl – I’ve been a competitive bowler for a lot of my adult life and not being able to do that frustrated me, which then passed on to the family. And obviously I wasn’t working at all because of the injuries.

Tom picked up the chain and he was excellent. He was open about everything that Konekt could offer, encouraged me all the way through.

He would ring me out of the blue just to ask how I was feeling and also encouraging me to make sure I’d turn up to my appointments and consider certain avenues.

Ryan: Mark has been an amazing asset to the team.

He brings a level of expertise we didn’t have before and with his knowledge of work, health and safety.

In addition to that, when he’s not on course and is here in the office with us he’s a great personality to have around and contributes fantastically to the team culture and the team environment.

Mark: Since I’ve returned to work, I’ve been really, really good.

They’ve worked around my abilities, and they’ve helped me tailor the work. So I’m only working so many days a week.

Having the support of Konekt as a whole has been really good.

I know that there’s people that I can talk to - Ryan is my boss, but also other people as well that have experience and knowledge in particular areas. They’re all available.