MCI Achieve - Digital Literacy Course transcript

Lawrence Humphries: So when I was searching for jobs and what have you, I found it difficult to write a resume, or write a cover letter, or even search to get certain places. I found I had to ask people how to get there. And that was the frustrating part. My name's Lawrence Humphrey and I'm 66 years old. The lessons I gained were basically navigation of the computer, how to get to pathways that I wouldn't have normally known how to get to in the past. That also made it second nature for me to go to find things and how to write things and what have you, how to set up a template, how to write a resume, how to write a cover letter, how to are set it out properly.

Andrew: The digital literacy course offers a range of skills and knowledge to students in basic digital literacy. Some of those things can be as simple as how to write a resume, how to attach a resume, how to write an email. And for a lot of the students, it can be as simple as creating an email. A lot of them have never created emails before. To navigating around a desktop, just a basic computer desktop, to knowing the difference between a safe and secure website, and anything for as simple as how to use a keyboard.

Emma: Working with MCI has been fantastic. They offer a range of courses aligned with our job seekers' career paths. I individualise my support with my clients by first of all listening to them, finding out what their goals are, what their needs are, empathising with their situation, and working together with a plan to move forward.

Lawrence Humphries: The advice that I'd give somebody to take up this course is one, it just gives you confidence. Pretty much. It gives you confidence and not be concerned or worried about doing things, but you put in the back of your mind, "No, I can't do that. Therefore, I won't." This will give you the confidence to do that.