MCI Institute - Derek's Story transcript

Derek: I chose to study with the MCI Institute because everything about the courses that were available was well laid out and easy to understand. And that was important. Some are very confusing in trying to work out what you have to do to do a course. I chose to study the certificate IV in leadership and management.

Mel: I'm Mel, and I'm a student mentor at MCI Institute. My mentoring style is very dependent on the individual. I cater it to what that person needs. It's a very personal touch with creating goals for them, meeting their academic needs in terms of questions and helping them. And really just pushing them and encouraging them.

Derek: My mentor and I have got on, I felt very well. Very regular phone calls, making sure that I didn't have any issues. And when I did have one or two very minor issues, my mentor sorted those out and cleared them up very quickly. She was very aware of the sort of issues I might have and explained things to make sure that I understood. And if you will, remove barriers before they actually had turned up. It was all very good.

Mel: I enjoy working with our students because I'm helping them achieve their goals and their lifelong dreams, whether it be a career change or just improving their skills. I'm really passionate about educating and growth.

Derek: My experience of studying online with MCI Institute has been very good. The questions are very stretching sometimes. And that's good, because it means that the learning process is enhanced and that made sure that it sticks.