MCI Institute - Guy's Story transcript

Guy: So, what I value about online studies is it gives me the freedom and flexibility to study at my own pace and manage between my full-time job as well. My name's Guy and I'm 29. So I came to the Institute and I decided to do a Diploma of Business and I finished that. I've come back and I'm doing an Accounting Fundamentals Skillset course. So I chose this course to improve my knowledge and skillsets for future job prospects.

Mel: I'm Mel, and I'm a student mentor at MCI Institute. When students book in with us, they get a whole range of support, whether it be setting goals to complete a unit, whether it's help with an academic question, or even a study plan to finish their studies. We offer everything from beginning to end.

Guy: So I found my mentor experience to be quite enjoyable and my mentor has been very helpful, especially with the emails and the phone conversations. So doing a bit of research online, I chose MCI because I really enjoyed their online infrastructure and the seamless navigation.

Mel: My top tips for successful online study would be to come up with a study plan from the get-go, to set weekly goals to achieve your units and goals on time, to complete as much online research as you possibly need, to just give it a go and take on board the assessor feedback that you receive, and to reach out to a mentor whenever you need help.