Meet Mel transcript

Melanie: Being a single mother and also having a criminal record that I didn't think I'd be able to get a job from having that there, and also dropping out of school, not having the education. I lost hope, to be honest. I didn't think I had a chance at all. After my daughter was of age and she had to go to school, joined up with APM. This program came up, where they said that I can go see Matera Foundation. And they linked me up with those guys, and then that's where it started from there.

Austin: Mel was a standout candidate in the program. She actually won an award. I don't think she missed a day of the whole eight weeks. So she was there every day, received the outstanding award participant of the program, and got offered a job opportunity with Monadelphous.

Melanie: I'm in FIFO doing dump truck operator. I'm so proud of myself. In myself, I'm feeling so good that I've actually accomplished something, and I've made something better of myself.

Austin: It's all we can do is obviously, introduce them to these type of programs and hold it out in front of us like a carrot, so to speak. And it's really up to them to meet you in the middle. And Mel definitely overachieved and excelled in that area. She's put the work in and that was really not look back from where she came from. So, fantastic outcome.

Melanie: My daughter, she was like, "Mom, I'm proud of you, what you're doing, and how far you've come." And also, the rest of my family have said that as well. To see where I've come from to what I'm doing now, they couldn't stop saying how proud they were of me. So it made me feel good that my family's proud of me as well. I got something that I can look forward to that I'm capable of doing. And I've actually got a future in being able to work and provide for myself and my family.