APM sponsors Perth SC Blind Football Team

Players for the Perth Soccer Club Blind Football Team are all geared up for another great season in 2022.

APM are delighted to be sponsoring the Perth Soccer Club’s (Perth SC) Blind Football team.

Perth SC partnered with Australian Blind Football in 2020 to offer visually impaired players the opportunity to get involved.

The connection between both organisations sees Perth SC offer the ability to play football for blind West Australians at the club.

The included program will also provide coaches with the ability to attend and be educated in interactive workshops to train players to the official rules of 5-a-side Blind Football.

With strong values of inclusivity and teamwork boosted, the partnership paves ways for B1 (legally blind), B2 and B3 (vision impaired) players to join in the nation’s favourite participation sports.

With their first season in 2021 under their belts, and a local Vision Impaired League due to launch in 2023, Perth SC are keen to keep building their community.

APM’s sponsorship will go towards helping Perth SC with program costs including coaches, equipment, training and playing uniforms and registration fees.

Some of the team members attended the first training session to present the players with their new branded training and playing kits.

“We love to partner with businesses and organisations that are aligned with our values” said Club President Jason Marocchi.

“We really appreciate the support of APM and the fantastic contribution it has made to our All-Abilities program, allowing us to provide our facilities, equipment, apparel and coaching to our Blind Football and Powerchair players.”

Blind Football is an internationally recognised sport competed by the legally blind and visually impaired.

Played at the Paralympics, the 40 x 20-metre pitch includes side kickboards, an audible ball and two teams of five players.

While outfield players wear eye-shades to equal their sight, the goalkeeper can be fully or partially sighted in the B1 variant of the game.

The B2 version of the match is more familiar to futsal, with greater contrast and equal light on the court to make the playing surface as visible as possible.

“Perth SC is a strong values-based club. One of our key values is community – and we are proud that we can open our doors and our hearts to our Blind Football and Powerchair members, who are an inspiration to all of us at our club” Jason said.

The sport is growing rapidly in Australia and across the world, with Blind Football Australia becoming the recognised national pathway for people to play Blind Football for Australia.

In July, players from the Blind Football Team participated in a workshop with the Aston Villa Foundation during the English Premier League club’s visit to Perth.

In recent weeks, the Perth SC Blind Football Team also participated in a demonstration at half-time of Football West Top Four finals.

The organisation puts on national camps and training centres to prepare for international competition both in Australia and overseas.