Free phone counselling for people affected by fires

APM today announced it is offering free mental health telephone counselling across Australia in response to the devastating bushfires.

The APM Assure Community Support Line is up and running today. People experiencing anxiety or mental health issues can call 1800 276 113 to receive free telephone counselling from a qualified psychologist.

APM Group CEO Michael Anghie said that early intervention through phone counselling can avert more serious mental health problems and help people cope during times of heightened stress and uncertainty.

“We’ve seen tremendous community spirit and resolve this summer as communities rally around each other to lend support,” Mr Anghie said.

“As part of the community, APM and Assure have clients and staff affected by the bushfires and we want to offer our services to support those people in need.

“That’s why we’re offering free mental health counselling over the phone to anyone impacted by the summer bushfire tragedy.”

Mr Anghie said APM subsidiary Assure will provide dedicated mental health and wellness support on 1800 276 113.

He said the Community Support Line would run indefinitely until the bushfire crisis had receded.

APM CEO Mental Health and Wellbeing Michele Grow said that Assure’s national network of qualified psychologists is highly experienced in providing counselling support during times of crisis.