Published on 20 July 2018

APM has welcomed another round of graduates through the Pathways to Employment program with the Matera Foundation.

The course set up by APM and the Matera Foundation supports Indigenous people in Western Australia to find employment, improve their health and gain new skills.

Run over eight weeks the course aims to enable participants to break down the barriers to finding a job and increase the employment opportunities for Indigenous job seekers.

The Hills Gazette newspaper featured the latest round of graduates.

Indigenous job seekers registered with APM in Western Australia can speak to their employment consultant to see if they are eligible to be candidates in the program.

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Pathways to Employment leads to jobs for Indigenous people

LIFE is onwards and upwards for four Aboriginal students who recently graduated from a ground-breaking training program.

Job seeking advisors at APM and Matera Foundation joined forces to run an eight-week course to break down employment barriers experienced by Indigenous people.

APM General Manager Corporate Affairs Adrian Bradley said the Pathways to Employment program had changed the lives of Stasha Tassone, Milton Mogridge, Matthew Fletcher and Arthur Corunna.

“These four graduates thought the program would be the same as others they had done, where nothing much resulted from it,” he said.

“These four graduates thought the program would be the same as others they had done, where nothing much resulted from it,” he said.

“Having a past graduate attend the program and speak to them, who had a great job and talked about how it felt, plus seeing one of their group go into a FIFO job prior to graduation made a huge difference to this outcome.”

Stasha Tassone, of Ellenbrook, graduated with a health and fitness award, one of only two presented to students.

Milton Mogridge, of Middle Swan, grew into the role of group leader, took home the leadership award and started a new career.

Matthew Fletcher, of Stratton, began a new job after he achieved three job offers.

Arthur Corunna, of Koongamia, excelled on the program and graduated with a trades assistant job.

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