Published on 09 March 2021

Alex, Thi and Ngoc are pictured standing a safe social distance apart in the APM Springvale office

Employment gives so much more than just financial benefits, especially for Thi

After immigrating to Australia in 1987, Thi dedicated herself to looking after her two sons and running her own sewing business.

When it came to searching for another job after this she found her efforts were hindered by several barriers, resulting in long-term unemployment.

Despite working so hard for so many years, Thi realised how isolated from her friends, family and general community she had been.

A significant barrier many people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience is a limited ability to speak English, as it is (at least) their second language. This can result in anxiety, loss of confidence and feelings of social isolation.

Unsure of what to expect and what career options she might like to pursue – this presented a challenge for APM Springvale – but not one they shied away from!

Thi's local area of Springvale is less than an hour south-east from Melbourne's Central Business District.

Her Employment Consultant Ngoc with support from Business Manager Alex, were driven to help Thi succeed and blossom.

Since starting with APM in 2018, Thi successfully completed a Skills Plus English course and has been connected with a local support group for Vietnamese women thanks to Ngoc.

“Assisting Thi to connect and engage with other women was one of the first things I saw I could do to help” Ngoc said.

“This had a tangible impact for her, it really helped her blossom.”

The next important task was to assist Thi in finding employment. Ngoc and Alex proactively supported Thi through the job application process.

It wasn’t too long before they were able to secure her a role which suited her previous experience and skills.

Thi’s role at SuperTrim (Australia’s largest car seat cover manufacturing company) as Sewing Machinist has brought about waves of positive change for her.

She’s now a proactive and confident member of her workplace and community!

Injury, illness or disability and want to work?

You could be eligible for help in finding a suitable job from APM Employment Services.

As Australia’s largest provider of the Disability Employment Services program we help thousands of people with permanent or temporary disabilities, injuries, mental health conditions and other diagnosed barriers which may prevent them finding successful employment.

If you want to find out more, register with us today, or call our team on 1800 276 276 for more information.

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Looking for staff?

We don’t just support job seekers, we also help thousands of employers find reliable staff and access government incentives when hiring new employees.

If you’re an employer, you could access wage subsidies, plus funds for training and workplace modifications when hiring a person with disability for full or part-time work.

Plus, you will be enhancing the diversity of your business while making a real positive difference in a person’s life.

Find out more about this rewarding opportunity for employers by speaking to your nearest APM Employment Services team, or emailing


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