Achieve your goals with ParentsNext

If you’re a parent looking for support in finding your next step in life, we can help.

Whether you want to learn new skills and gain qualifications, you’re thinking about finding a job, or you want to set some meaningful goals - we can help you get to where you want to be.

If you’re an eligible parent in Queensland, South Australia or Victoria, our dedicated teams can help you find the exciting next step in life that’s right for you and your family.

What is ParentsNext?

ParentsNext is a flexible program to support parents who have a child under six years old, and who haven’t been in paid work in the last six months.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all service for people looking for work. It’s a program that understands the various challenges of being a parent and providing you support to be successful in life.

And it’s tailored to your circumstances and the goals you want to achieve - so you can fit your program around your family and day-to-day responsibilities in your life.

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Your program, your goals

With ParentsNext you can get help to:

  • Identify new goals suitable for you and your life as a parent
  • Develop a realistic plan to achieve your goals
  • Access studying or new learning opportunities
  • Gain new skills and qualifications
  • Build a path to find a new job and explore career options
  • Access support including childcare, housing, and health services
  • Meet and connect with other parents in your community

If eligible, you can also gain access to funds for:

  • Driving lessons
  • Phone and internet access
  • Training and education opportunities and study aides
  • Tools and equipment
  • Support services (including mental health)
  • Transport and fuel
  • Other expenses relevant to your circumstances

Your goals at your pace

When you come to APM, it’s your journey, and we’ll work with you, at your pace.

Our Parent and Family Pathway Planners will help you to create and design your personal plan and map out a pathway to achieve your goals.

ParentsNext is voluntary. If you want to take a break, we can pick up again where we left off when it works for you.

If you want to reach your goals faster, we can offer more intensive support.

We understand the challenges facing today’s parents and we’re here for you.

Who is eligible for ParentsNext?

If you are a parent with a child under six years old, receiving the Parenting Payment and have not been in paid work for more than six months – you could be eligible to join ParentsNext.

APM Employment Services delivers ParentsNext in parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Contact us to find your nearest ParentsNext team on 1800 276 276 or email

Our friendly team can help determine if you’re eligible for the program and connect you with your nearest ParentsNext location.

ParentsNext FAQs

What’s changed with ParentsNext?

From May 2023 it is no longer compulsory for parents to take part in ParentsNext.

It is now a completely voluntary program.

This means greater flexibility for you and your family.

When you want assistance the ParentsNext team are here for you, when you want to take a break you can do so when you choose.

What is the future for ParentsNext?
Are your ParentsNext sites closing?
How can ParentsNext help me now?
Will I need to report on my activities?
Will I still have access to the current Child Care Subsidy?
Where can I find more information?
Do I still need to go to appointments?
Do I need to keep going to activities?
Can I still get the same help and support from ParentsNext?

ParentsNext in Melbourne

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ParentsNext in Adelaide

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ParentsNext in Gippsland

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ParentsNext in Cairns

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ParentsNext service delivery plans

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