Free support for parents to find work or study

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If you’re the parent of a young child and want to work or study, you could be eligible for free support through ParentsNext.

APM delivers the ParentsNext program in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Whether come to us directly, or you are required to join as part of your government financial assistance, we will help you identify and achieve realistic job goals to help you earn more money and better support your family.

How will ParentsNext help me?

ParentsNext is about giving parents like you the chance to improve their lives through employment, education and access to other support services when you need it.

If you’re an eligible parent, you could receive various support.

  • Employment and study: resumes, training courses, transport, clothing, tools and equipment, RSA/RCG, white cards and licences, pre-employment checks.
  • Health and home life: interpreters, rent and crisis accommodation, medical/dental/optical support, allied health and social work services.
  • Parenting: short-term childcare costs, parenting courses, financial counselling.

Connect with us

We can talk you through:

  • How ParentsNext works
  • ParentsNext eligibility criteria
  • What support and funding ParentsNext offers
  • How to register for ParentsNext
  • How APM can help you get started

You can speak to a ParentsNext consultant at your local APM office to arrange a phone call, register below.

How people have changed their lives through ParentsNext and APM

Kirol's story

Hear from Kirol about her experience with the ParentsNext program delivered by APM Employment Services in Cairns.

Nathan's story

Hear from Nathan about his experience with the ParentsNext program delivered by APM Employment Services in Gippsland.

Kylie's story

Hear from Kylie about her experience with the ParentsNext program delivered by APM Employment Services in Adelaide.

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Why join APM?

We've been helping parents reach their job goals for more than 25 years.

Our ParentsNext team will guide you through the program and help identify the support options that are best for you.

You get your own tailored Participation Plan with activities suited to help prepare you for work and move you towards your employment and education goals.

When you join our ParentsNext program you benefit from an experienced team which understands how to help people succeed in finding employment.

Since 1994 we have helped more than one million people with an injury, illness or disability find or stay in work.

As Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services and a network of more than 500 offices we know the employment challenges and trends in job markets across the country.

With APM as your ParentsNext provider, you know you’re in safe hands.