Petrova and Ingeus Singapore transcript

Petrova: My name is Petrova and I'm 52. I'm just an ordinary Singaporean, graduated, married, have kids. I have been a chartered accountant for the last 26 years. And unfortunately, I was retrenched in year 2020 because my company was actually downsizing their HR operations.

I was unable to get a job on my own after searching for about 10 months. I've been in this role for one-and-a-half years. I'm currently a senior financial planner. And it's fulfilling because my coach from Ingeus was able to empower me in this career switch. And in return I'm able to empower others, making an impact in their lives.

I wouldn't have made so far without this coaching from Ingeus. When I accepted this role, from day one I was actually forced completely out of my comfort zone. And with the coaching help from Ingeus, I was able to advance from the fear zone into the learning zone and to where I am today.

Coaching from Ingeus is definitely a very, very great positive experience for me, and definitely, I will recommend it. Without this coaching, I think I will still be where I am trying to look for a job for the past one and a half years. And I may not know that I can do something that's so different and extraordinary.