Rae-Anne's story - Ingeus UK

Rae-Anne: My mum got institutionalized. My dad moved away. By that point, I was living with my older sister. Was just left to do whatever I wanted. I didn't really go to school. By this stage, I was getting trained to start shoplifting.

Sometimes I'd come home, four pound a week, after selling it all. That's how it escalated. I was a bit mentally unstable, with having no parents. Living a life of crime. 18 months ago I was in court, looking to go to prison. That prospect scared me. Mostly because I didn't want to lose my daughter.

What actually stopped me from going to prison that day, was my report from my probation officer, saying that I just needed another chance. I got given an 18 month suspended sentence. They sent me to the women's center, to do a 60 day order. That's where I covered my maths and English. They helped me out with my finance and debt. I got counseling there as well. That's where I learned self awareness, self development, and life skills.

I always wanted to make something of myself. I just didn't know how to. They see my potential. They see something inside me that I had never seen. I'm now starting my degree. I feel brilliant. Not only am I on the right path, I can put my daughter on the right path also. I'm very proud of myself, to have come so far. I'm also very thankful to the people that helped me along the way.