Ross IES - Dentrius' Story transcript

Dentrius: I am Dentrius Hill-Harris, and I am a participant of the PATH Program. I am a single mom. I work alone, I stay alone, take care of Jacobi alone. I am educated and I have a lot of different things that's going on in my life right now. I work at the Financial Business District downtown Detroit on Griswold. The pandemic hit and I had my son. And once we went all to virtual, I had to literally make a sacrifice and sit down for my son. And then I had to join the PATH Program.

Tinelda Williams: The PATH Program referrals come from the State of Michigan. They send participants over for employment services and assistance.

Dentrius: I can't lie, it's been awesome. It's been real awesome. I have literally been welcomed with open arms. I had different barrier removed. I have literally had people fighting with me in the PATH Program to show me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Tinelda Williams: The PATH Program has employment services, training services. We also have financial coaching, life skills and empowerment services. We have one-on-one career coaching and supportive services, which are great for helping to remove barriers.

Dentrius: It had a great impact. I received childcare barrier removal, and then my son has childcare. We also get help from the program with insurance. Also, a job that's paying $3 more than I was making before I literally stopped working.

Tinelda Williams: Because we do receive referrals from the state specifically for the program, those participants who need assistance in getting back to employment or who are transitioning in employment who are receiving state services.

Dentrius: I would recommend the PATH Program to others because they will literally welcome you with open arms. They will literally help fight to get you where you need to go and they will not leave you behind.

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