Shirley and Lifecare Homecare transcript

Shirley: My name is Shirley. I'm 63 years old. Six years ago, I fell in the kitchen and just in a little bit of water, but the way I went down, I ended up doing the splits. And I went to hospital and I ended up being in there for five months. When I came home from hospital, I needed follow up physio. And my support coordinator at time found Jarrad, and we just clicked right from day one me and with Jarrad

Jarrad: At Lifecare Homecare, we have a wide variety of allied health services in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, and exercise physiology, and we travel out to treat people in their own homes that can't manage to make it into a clinic. Shirley was one of the first NDIS participants that came through the program. I came out to see Shirley and we started it off a great long-lasting relationship that's now been ongoing for six years.

Shirley: Communication is what really we clicked on. There was a lot of talking between us and he would explain the purpose of doing exercise, and where was going to lead to, and how important what seemed like a very small step was necessary to get to the end. I wasn't just a patient. Often I go to the doctor and I come out and I'm in there for five minutes and I think, "Why?" It's so impersonal. And then for him to be my physio and take a genuine interest, and I could tell because when he come back for his next visit, he would raise something that we thought about a week before. See, you could tell that I was there.

Jarrad: Yeah. I think communication is the largest part. There are so many people that receive a diagnosis or get told that they have a condition that they really don't understand what that condition is or what that means for them. And so, going through and explaining it to them gives them ownership of their own condition. With Shirley, we're working on a bit of a walking program at the moment. We're in the process of trying to build those muscles, and that endurance, and that strength back up.

Shirley: I just feel what positive because I'm involved in my own care, and involved in the goals we set and the outcomes that we achieve. Yeah, it's good. And I don't want to lose Jarrad, I want save him forever.