Start and grow your own business with Self-Employment Assistance transcript

Angus: Once you engage with self-employment assistance, you'll be taken through an end-to-end journey with a mentor. They'll hold your hand from business idea inception, all the way to you running your business and mentoring you through the process. We have businesses that are as simple and great as mowing the lawns, or doing any service-based industry, helping people in the community. The important thing to know is we're there for you. By way of a business health check or business advice session, we can work with you, be a sounding board for your ideas, for you to talk about the issues with your business, and then work with you more comprehensively, as you require, to assist you. I think the greatest thing that participating in self-employment assistance gives to the individual is that dynamic of confidence, giving the individual the belief that they can achieve anything just with the right guidance and mentorship.