Te Aitarakihi and APM partnership changing lives in New Zealand transcript

Brenda: So my role here at Te Aitarakihi, I'm the community connector. My role is [foreign language], to connect them to services, connect them to agencies, to build relationships, and to work alongside our whānau and to reconnect them back here to our [foreign language].

Wendy: So my name's Wendy Alison, and I'm a senior employment consultant at APM WorkCare. These guys are growing and something's really happening there.

Brenda: Wendy made contact with our office, and from there we organized a hui, and we came together and talked about what we are needing, what are the gaps, and then we came again together again with Peter, and we just formed this team. We just wanted to work together, and we knew we had the same vision and we're on the same page.

Hami: It's important that APM and ourselves work closely together. People come up here and feel safe in an environment, and if they can feel safe in environment, then that flows on with other organizations like APM, that they can get the best care and we can pull them in.

Pete: The best part of the job is having the support of a company of leadership that recognize that not everyone fits in a box, and that we can be creative in delivering services the way that we need to, depending on the person's needs. So I love that.

Brenda: I think with APM, we're going to be a force to be reckoned with, to be honest. We're going to do more collaborations together. We're going to work together to get our whānau out there and get our whānau employment, mainly employment. And I think this relationship is going to be amazing.