WCG - James's Story transcript

James: I received a medical release from the military due to a back injury, and I initially retrained as a welder. However, the industry fell out while I was still in my apprenticeship. And because of that, I was forced to get back into jobs that ran a risk of reigniting my back injury. And so they decided that the CVVRS program was a good fit.

CVVRS is there to essentially identify the individual needs of the veteran to assess really what their needs are in regards to gaining meaningful employment in the civilian world, through ongoing support, through the educational process. They're there to really help guide you with any obstacles that pop up and everything gets wrapped up with some resume building and job search assistance that hopefully leads to a happy career.

The CVVRS program changed my life in substantial ways. It provided me the tools I needed in the form of education to grow both in my career and personally, and in the end, come out with a career that not only really matched my skillset and personality, but also really is something that I can feel fulfilled and satisfied in on a daily basis.