WCG - Jim's Story transcript

Jim Morash: My name is Jim Morash. I had a traumatic brain injury. And so I was at the hospital for eight months. When I came into this office, I was scared and no confidence, and I didn't really know how to get back into society and get work.

Subrath: When Jim walked in, he had not worked for quite a long time. He had just been rehabilitated. He did not know which direction to go, because he had to go for a career change as he could no longer go back to his previous occupation.

Jim Morash: I was at a high level from a CEO perspective. And they were telling me, with my cognitive skills, I would probably be only down to a level of entry situation in retail positions. They were very supportive, caring. It just took some time for me to accept this is the new situation of my life. Subrath and the team really helped me with getting more confidence and they helped me with my resume. We had lots of things about my strengths and my barriers.

Subrath: Through that extra support, Jim was able to find a job at Walmart for a retail customer service, like a door greeter.

Jim Morash: They helped me step by step, from commuting to work, helping me getting into the computer of the retail position. To get in and all the policies and procedures for employees, introduction to the staff and everything else. And that I had this disability.

Subrath: He was never willing to give up. Whatever task or challenge, he said, "Okay. I'll give it a try." What a journey we have had.

Jim Morash: I started a small business and back to what I did before. I couldn't have done this without WorkBC.