WCG Services - Brian transcript

Brian: My name's Brian. I work at Rona in Chilliwack. WorkBC helped me find a really good job.

Lesley: When Brian came to me, he felt that he could do more than what he was doing and he wasn't sure what path to take. He wasn't sure where to go. And we laid out some options for him. We laid out a path.

Brian: I gained a bunch of life skills and new certificates that I didn't even think I could even get.

Lesley: My favorite part is helping a client notice their potential.

Brian: Before I came to WorkBC, I felt limited by my disabilities, but through the programs that Lesley showed me, I realized that that was just an illusion and that I can do a lot more than I thought I could, like working here in the lumber yard, lifting heavy pieces of lumber. And I also love helping customers find what they need.

Kris: He's been great. Our staff just love him, the customers love him, and he's really excelled and he's definitely a big asset to our team.

Lesley: And even now, he's looking at the next stage. He's looking at further on. He wants to go to university. The sky's the limit.

Brian: My experience working with WorkBC has been life changing. Being here is better than anything else that could have happened.