Welcome to the APM Group transcript

Michael Anghie: It's an amazing organization, fantastic people, making an amazing difference in the community. 

Speaker 2: As one of the world's leading human services organizations, APM has been enabling better lives for more than 25 years. 

Megan Wynne: We work across a range of programs. We deliver allied health services, assessment services, psychological intervention, employment assistance, vocational rehabilitation, and community-based services, largely for people who sustained an injury, illness or have a disability. 

Speaker 2: Since 1994, we've assisted more than one million people, 540,000 in the last year alone across 10 countries. 

Michael Anghie: Ultimately, we seek to enable better lives and make a positive difference to people's lives everywhere and around the world where we've got contracts. 

Speaker 2: In Australia, we deliver market-leading employment services, disability support, vocational rehabilitation, training, assessments, and psychological assistance. In New Zealand, we are the market leader in vocational rehabilitation. We deliver a variety of community-based rehabilitation, assessment, and employment services, supporting individuals and businesses across the country. In Singapore, we are the market-leading provider of career matching services to professionals, managers, executives, and technicians, and work closely with the Singapore government to support people to find appropriate and lasting employment. As Korea's largest employment and career transition services provider, we support unemployed people on their journeys to lasting work and healthier lives. In the United States, we have provided workforce development services to youth, adults, and dislocated workers for over 20 years and our footprint continues to expand. We also deliver workforce development services in British Columbia and Alberta and vocational rehabilitation services for veterans across Canada. In British Columbia, we deliver WorkBC contracts across the province. 

In the UK, we work with businesses and governments to deliver life-changing employment programs and our youth services are helping build a new generation of confident, independent, and aspirational young citizens. Also in the UK, our justice program is helping break the cycle of reoffending and our growing health services are supporting more people to leave healthy and independent lives. We continue to expand in Europe with Welfare-to-Work services in Germany, supporting long and short-term unemployed with focus on young people, parents, and refugees with employment, health, and further social services. In Spain, we are growing employment programs and housing initiatives and our Swiss business helps people with health conditions and the long-term unemployed back to work. At APM, we pride ourselves on our market-leading performance and growing our business by doing the right thing and delivering on our promises. We continue to invest for the future, invest in our contracts and invest in our people to make a difference to more people's lives around the world. 

Heather Pickeri: Being the best is hard work but it could also be fun, and when you are the best and when you do achieve it, and when you get the big thank you from the customer and when I say customer, it's a person with disability saying, "Thank you, you've made a difference." It makes an incredible difference to you personally, but to APM. 

Speaker 2: What are we waiting for? Let's get to work.