Reopen your business with a healthier, safe and compliant workplace in the post-pandemic world.

We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect of business closures, social distancing and isolation.

At the APM Group, we understand whatever business you’re in, looking after the health of your employees, customers and key stakeholders remains the top priority as restrictions are lifted and we all move forward.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease and we find a new way of working, we want to help you support and welcome back the people who make your business a success.

New risks, rules and routines

Are your business leaders still confident about health and safety in the workplace?

Are employees getting the support they need to perform well?

And can your team easily adjust and maintain compliance of new safety regulations and guidelines?

Businesses across the APM Group have launched a program of services to help you guide your workforce through changes and developments in the workplace as a result of the pandemic.

Engineer at work

Free courses to support your team

As part of the Welcome Back program, we’re providing four micromodules for you to share with your workforce.

Three micromodules are for all members of the workforce and one is specifically designed to assist leaders within your organisation.

Tailored to your business

Our experienced and multi-disciplined experts from Australia's leading workplace health and safety providers deliver services customised to the people in your organisation.

Contact us today to give your team the support they deserve when they return to their workplace or scroll down the page to fill in your details in our form and a member of our Welcome Back team will be in touch.

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COVID-Safe workplaces

Unit 1: COVID-19 Risk Gap Analysis

The COVID-19 Risk Gap Analysis identifies the Workplace Health and Safety gaps in your organisation as you prepare for the return of your employees to the workplace.

This service enables your business to be confident of successfully identifying and managing potential risks to your workforce due to gaps in your health and safety procedures due to the impact of COVID-19.

Your business also gains expert guidance on meeting obligations to prevent COVID-19 exposure and responding to potential outbreaks. Plus, resources to ensure responsibilities are maintained.

There are 3 options depending on the needs of your business:

Self-assessment and Consultation

  • You complete key questions to establish any health and safety gaps with regards to COVID-19 and receive suggested solutions to address them.
  • Includes a 60-minute video consultation with a Workplace Health and Safety consultant.

Gap Analysis and Action Plan

  • Konekt Workcare conduct a desktop analysis and system review of your existing policies and procedures to verify any health and safety gaps with regards to COVID-19.
  • The action plan is customised to your organisation with guidance on addressing potential system gaps.

Complete WHS Gap Analysis or WHS Audit

  • Konekt Workcare carry out a complete health and safety program benchmarked against ISO and AS/NZS accreditations.
  • WHS Gap Analysis enables your business to understand the system gaps beyond the expected requirements due to COVID-19.
  • WHS Audit examines review of documentation and interviews with employees to assess the knowledge of your existing Workplace Health and Safety management system to ensure continuing improvement.

Delivered by: Konekt Workcare

Informed leaders

Unit 2: The Newest Normal

Equipped with practical tools, your people leaders can maintain an engaged and thriving workforce well beyond the disruption of COVID-19.

Delivered through a 60-minute virtual workshop, your leaders learn how to understand the experiences of their team following weeks or months of uncertainty and disconnect from others.

This unit will also help leaders develop plans for supporting team members and increasing their psychological resilience.

Plus leaders also gain access to takeaway tools including planning maps and information sheets to further develop strategies and help your employees thrive during times of change.

Delivered by: Assure Programs

Unit 3: Meeting Your Employer Obligations

As a guide to the legal requirements of Workplace Health and Safety obligations, this unit provides your business with up-to-date information to ensure every leader and their teams are compliant, through a 60-minute online workshop.

With the uncertain and unexpected challenges rising with the mass return to work of businesses across the country, you can be assured your organisation is taking all necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of its workforce.

It can be a private session for multiple leaders and tailored to the requirements of your organisation, or as part of a scheduled webinar for users to access via a registration portal.

Delivered by: Konekt Workcare

Unit 4: Leader of the Blended Workplace

As we move into a new way of working, teams could be split between employees in the physical workplace and those working from home.

Team leaders and managers will need to adopt a set of micro skills to ensure that their teams remain productive, engaged and part of a positive culture.

This unit will also help leaders maintain high levels of performance with a team that responds in an agile way to changes in business circumstances.

Delivered through a 90-minute virtual classroom session, leaders will actively participate in the unit to develop strategies suited for their team and business environment.

Delivered by: MCI Solutions

Supported Employees

Unit 5: Reintegrating into the Workplace

Sudden and enforced time away from the workplace, with changes to established routines and practices, can have a major impact on productivity and overall performance.

As we move back to professional working environments, employees will have to adjust from the routines and habits formed away from the workplace and adapt to new guidelines and restrictions following COVID-19.

This 90-minute interactive online workshop will enable employees to move forward positively and find their ‘new normal’.

Delivered by: Communicorp

Unit 6: The WISE Program

Through the Wise Program your employees gain measurable benefits through direct, confidential contact by a professional psychologist.

This is particularly useful for individuals and teams working under additional pressure or who are more vulnerable or facing additional stress or fatigue, such as adapting to changes to the workplace as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

As well as maintaining a strong team with a healthy level of mental wellbeing, your business is also able to identify any risks or issues as they emerge and better respond to them.

Delivered by: Assure Programs

Unit 7: Living a Resilient Life

This unit enables your employees to recognise the psychological demands they face in your workplace and develop effective coping strategies to manage them.

With greater awareness and practical tools to support mental wellbeing at work and in life, your workforce can be more engaged and make a smoother transition back to the workplace and thrive well beyond the disruption of COVID-19. This unit includes:

  • 9 digital microlearning modules designed by experts in each field.
  • It can be uploaded into your organisation’s existing Learning Management System.
  • Employees get repeated access to use the resource whenever needed.
  • Modules are accessible on all devices so employees can learn where and when they choose.

Delivered by: MCI Solutions

Unit 8: Physical Triage

The Physical Triage unit is a practical session with a physical allied health professional via telehealth.

Each 45-minute session is tailored for the individual employee and may include:

  • A virtual ergonomic workstation check.
  • Advice on stretches and postural break activities.
  • Guidance on services or referrals to resolve identified health issues.

It enables your business to provide employees with a safe return and easily identify any risk to the productivity and performance of your workforce due to physical and psychosocial changes as a result of COVID-19.

Where issues are identified, your business gains professional allied health advice on relevant work health and safety services to manage and resolve concerns quickly and reduce the risk of potentially lost productivity, absenteeism and employee injury.

Delivered by: APM WorkCare

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