APMiQ Life Index

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 Save time and simplify case management

Streamline case management and reporting by having key case updates available at your fingertips

Are you feeling frustrated with old school reporting?

Do you feel like it takes too much time to gather important information and key metrics about a case?

Introducing: APMiQ Life Index

What is APMiQ?

APMiQ is an integrated reporting system with a smart phone app, designed specifically for our occupational rehabilitation consultants.
APMiQ brings the best practice elements of rehabilitation into the hands of our consultants.

Developed by our tech team and our APM WorkCare professionals, APMiQ supports rehabilitation in the digital era.
The APMiQ Life Index questionnaire provides enables our consultants to measure and track a client’s wellbeing, their perceived RTW capacity and emotional health.
By providing feedback in real-time, APMiQ Life Index can demonstrate the impact of treatment on your client whilst under the care.

This allows our consultants and you to have better understanding of your client's progress as they aim to return to work and return to life.