Assessment Services

APM Assessment Services determines the eligibility and support services available to individuals in relation to aged care and disability support.

The Assessment Services teams deliver three main government-funded programs:

Regional Assessment Services (RAS)

Following a referral via My Aged Care, APM assessors visit the home of eligible adults aged 65 or above to carry out an assessment to see if they need any support in living independently.

The focus is to ensure each client has the support they need to live independently and safely in their home.

Residential Aged Care Assessments (RACA)

These assessments are for older adults living permanently in residential facilities.

APM assessors perform functional assessments to provide information on the correct level of funding to support the independence of each adult in a residential facility.

National Panel of Assessors

APM assessors help support employed adults with disability or chronic health conditions to see if they need assistance in their workplace.

Clients are usually assessed in their workplace to identify any support or equipment which may help them in their role and sustain their participation in the workforce.