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We help build strong societies in which citizens can thrive.

We create new opportunities by working with governments and employers to design
and deliver new services to solve the challenges caused by social and technical change.

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We help people realise their full potential

As part of APM Group in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the United Kingdom, Ingeus provides services for people, businesses and communities to create and improve employment, skills, health and wellbeing.

To us, it’s all about helping people realise their full potential.

A snapshot from 2022 shows that we supported over 277,000 people in the UK with employment, skills, health and wellbeing services.

This includes helping with their mental health needs, reintegration into their communities on leaving the criminal justice system, finding work for the unemployed, and helping young people build skills and confidence to find work.

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What we do

Ingeus supports governments and employers to deliver services that address the complex challenges caused by social and technological change.

We do this in several key areas:


Our mission is to make sure people have the skills, support and behaviours to get jobs, gain independence and become productive employees.


Ingeus was founded in 1989 in Australia to provide rehabilitation services to injured workers, supporting their return to work.


Young people’s lives should be filled with diverse opportunities, support and character-building experiences that help them to realise their potential and fulfil their ambitions.


Rehabilitating offenders protects the public and builds a stronger society in the long term.


Our mission is to equip people with skills that support their employers’ growth so that they can enjoy great, long-lasting careers.


People who have served in the armed forces have a broad range of skills and qualifications to offer civilian employers.

Our footprint

We operate in 10 countries across North America, the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Ingeus helps to create strong societies in which citizens have the independence, knowledge and know-how to thrive. We do this by using evidence of what works, rethinking public services and building alliances with expert partners around the needs of citizens today.

Our largest operations are in the UK, where we work alongside more than 70 partner organisations from the public, private and third sectors.

Ingeus UK

Richard was supported by Ingeus to get the skills and confidence he needed for a good job. 

See how Ingeus are creating and delivering services in employment, health, justice and youth across the UK.

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