Richard and the Ingeus Work and Health Programme transcript

Daran Cove: The Work and Health Programme, it's all about moving people forward into employment. We're here to help and support them with a health condition. Physical, mental, could be anxiety or a disability. We have a health team who are available to help them move forward.

Richard Peachey: Work and Health service has helped me boost my confidence. They have made me realize it's not too hard to find a job, and I've also put some more belief into myself so I can actually try these things and expand my horizons.

Daran Cove: We've discussed what was best for Richard now. Working in the outdoors was absolutely superb and we contacted Blackpool Zoo, had an interview and he's still here now.

Richard Peachey: So I had a CV at the time, that wasn't really up to par or up to scratch. Daran personally helped me in improving it, how it's supposed to be structured and obviously I didn't have a cover letter either, so he helped me with that as well.

Gary Leighton: Richard, from the word go, came across as being very proactive, little quiet at times, but very proactive and he was a guy that I very quickly realized I could rely on to get the job done.

Richard Peachey: Working at Blackpool Zoo is really enjoyable because you're getting your cardio in and also, that's what I like. I don't like staying in one spot.

Gary Leighton: His role is through visitor services, so that would incorporate anything to do with the car park operations, meeting and greeting our guests, and keeping the park clean and tidy.

Richard Peachey: It is one of those jobs where you'll meet a lot of friendly people and it is a really great experience because you go to the zoo all day.

Daran Cove: So proud for Richard from where he was, to where he's come from. It's been an amazing story.

Richard Peachey: The Work and Health service overall experience was amazing. They were very helpful, very supportive, and I appreciate everything you've done.