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1800 276 276 (1800 APM APM)



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Our Services

APM Employment Services

Disability Employment Services

Phone   1300 366 047
Email apm4jobs@apm.net.au

Click here to find a Disability Employment Services location.


Phone   1300 276 456
Email  apm4jobs@apm.net.au

Click here to Find an Employment Services location.


Phone   1300 006 347
Email  neis@apm.net.au

APM WorkCare 

Email   workcare@apm.net.au
Phone 1300 967 522


Pre-employment Assessments 

Phone   1300 345 006
Email pe@apm.net.au

Click here to find a WorkCare location.

APM Communities

NDIS Local Area Coordination Services

Phone   1300 276 522
Email lac@apm.net.au

Click here to find an APM Communities location.

APM Assessment Services

Aged Care (RAS) 1300 987 945
Email RAS@apm.net.au
National Panel of Assessors 1300 376 431
Email npa@apm.net.au

Click here to find an Assessment Services location.

Corporate Enquiries

APM Head Office (Australia)

Phone +61 8 9463 1300
Facsimile   +61 8 9486 1357

58 Ord Street 
West Perth 
WA 6005 

Mailing address
PO Box 1752
West Perth 
WA 6872

ABN 64 062 160 614

Media enquiries

Phone   +61 4 1982 3659
Email adrian.bradley@apm.net.au

Compliments, feedback and complaints

Phone   1800 276 276 (APM APM)
Email ESComplimentsandComplaints@apm.net.au

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